an uncultivated, uninhabited, and inhospitable region.




We organise teaching events and offer opportunities to try out new skills in our DR ABCDE format scenario nights, as well as have lots of fun trips throughout the year, such as our Fresher’s Weekend. 

Some of our past events include, including Survival Skills, Winter Skills, Scrambling and Water Skills, so there’s certainly something for everyone, regardless of experience or expertise! 


All our events get posted on Facebook. If you would like to attend please drop us an email and click attending on the facebook event.​



Here at WEMS, we believe in taking medicine out of the classroom, the textbooks and the hospital and into the wild to learn and develop new skills. We focus on teaching prehospital, expedition and low-resource setting medicine, through skills sessions and scenario nights, but most importantly we like to have some good, messy fun!

Wilderness medicine is for everyone, seasoned outdoors nut or not, medical student or not, so come along and see what we have to offer!


WEMS is all about discovering the great outdoors and mixing our passion for it with our passion for medicine. There are certain skills we hope that our members can attain.


Follow the link to find out more about the different topics we cover.



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Annual membership to WEMS is £20, which includes free entry to all of our skills teaching sessions, scenario and lecture nights. It also includes the annual membership fee to Mountaineering Scotland, with whom we are associated. This allows us access to loads of great locations, accommodations and instructors to utiliSe within our events!


You can find out what great benefits Mountaineering Scotland has by following the Mountaineering Scotland link below.

You can join the society on the Aberdeen University Students’ Association website using the link below.

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